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Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.

They are future innovators, disruptors, job creators, and entrepreneurs. They will invent new technologies, launch new enterprises, and cure terminal diseases.

That's why businesses are committed to bridging the gap between policy and practice. Because of this commitment, today’s students will have the skills needed to move America forward.

Bay Area California

In California’s Bay Area, a unique coalition of businesses, early education advocates, policymakers, and real estate developers partner to improve student outcomes throughout the education pipeline.

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Inspiring and Mentoring the Future Workforce

Summit Prep’s unique Expeditions courses allow Matt Tognotti to explore his passions with an internship at Speck Products. Through his Expedition, Matt is developing professional and communication skills that will enhance his profile as he considers the next step in his education and career path. His supervisor, Lucia Rodilla, sees the value in mentoring students and becoming workforce-ready.

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How Summit Prepares Students for the Jobs of Tomorrow

Summit Preparatory High School, a public non-profit charter high school in Redwood City, offers a unique solution to the dilemma of college readiness and the workforce skills gap, the Summit Expeditions program. These special electives allow students to explore their interests and develop work ready skills through coursework tied to curriculum, emphasizing project-based learning and real-world experience.

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Strengthening Communities by Investing in Early Childhood Education

Build Up SMC was established to alleviate the childcare shortage in San Mateo County. This coalition relies on partnerships with city officials, developers, employers, school districts, and others to bring creative solutions for childcare and early learning facilities to the table in broader city planning conversations.

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The Future of San Mateo: Early Childhood Education

San Mateo County had a childcare shortage crisis limiting economic opportunities for families and access to education for the county's children. Using data to position early childhood education and care as an infrastructure challenge, Build Up SMC is growing and improving the supply of childcare and early learning programs through advocacy, strategic partnerships, and making childcare and early learning conversations a priority.

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Fostering Community and Innovation in Fayetteville

The Fab Lab provides a space where people in the community can come together to build and design. It’s more than the tools and the building itself. It’s a community of makers and learners coming together to change the world.

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Fayetteville is Looking Toward the Future of Trade Skills

The Fab Lab is an environment where students learn in a different way. They are encouraged and empowered to find a problem, design something that could solve it, and then watch that solution come to life.

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Fayetteville’s Bright Future

Given their entrepreneurial and accepting culture, the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce aimed to create a program that would increase exposure of technology and STEM for today’s students to see what their career pathways in technology could be.

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Inspiring Innovation at the Northwest Arkansas Fab Lab

With a vision to be a community that encourages entrepreneurship, advances science and technology careers, contributes to the resurgence of American innovation and creates a new generation of entrepreneurs, inventors and artisans, the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, along with AT&T and community stakeholders, created the Fab Lab.

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Inspiring Youth to Preserve the Spirit of New Orleans

Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Warren Easton Charter High School, and Tulane's Cowen Institute are investing in the hospitality industry in New Orleans, ensuring that local youth have a pathway to a thriving career, all while preserving the city's rich history and spirit.

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Building a Future for New Orleans Hospitality

Millions of people travel to New Orleans every year to experience its world-renowned culture. However, after Hurricane Katrina, the city faced an uphill battle in its economic recovery, with many locals incentivized to leave the city for more stable conditions. New Orleans has had to develop a unique, targeted approach to grow their own talent at every stage of the pipeline in order to reinvigorate its workforce.

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#Light a Spark

Inspiring girls to pursue STEM careers.

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Jobs going unfilled in this country because there aren’t enough qualified candidates.

90% of the jobs in the fastest-growing occupations require postsecondary education and training.

60% of first-year college students require remediation in English or math.

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